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We Get By

by Mavis Staples

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Change 02:56
Gotta change around here Can't go on this way Things gotta change around here Say it loud say it clear Things gonna change around here Finger on the trigger around here Bullets flying mothers crying Gotta change around here Get it straight be sure that you hear Gonna change around here What good is freedom if we haven't learned to be free Day after day year after year Gonna change around here X is the letter blue is the color one is the number Now is the time Gonna change around here Say it loud say it clear Gotta change around here
Anytime 02:48
Give me a one way ticket Somewhere I’ve never been I’m rock paper and scissors I’m bound to win You can’t shake me Ain’t no use in trying Anywhere anyway anytime I’m a fighter I’m a lover There is no other way Could be one of the other on any given day You can’t fool me Ain’t no use in trying Anyway anywhere anytime You got me halfway gone You got me halfway there Got me halfway down Halfway up in the air Reminds me of a story Tell you later if you don’t mind Anywhere anyway anytime
We get by on love and faith We get by with a smile on our face We get by with help from our kin We get by through thick and through thin We get by No matter what happens I’ll be there for you We get by Was just the other day I heard from my old friend She was going through changes once again Matters of the head Matters of the heart May be too early to tell But it’s never too late to start We get by No matter how long I’ll be waiting here for you We get by Day by day line by line If you don’t have yours you got mine We get by day by day We get by in our own way We get by No matter what happens I’ll be there for you No matter how long I’ll be waiting here for you No matter how far I’ll come running We get by
Can't stay the same And think everything's Gonna change around you Not too far down the wrong road To turn around Got to find a way Not fade away We belong to each other Be strong for each other Be brave in a scared world Trouble in the land Can't trust that man Bring us another plan We've come too far to be lost So many bridges yet to cross I'm waiting on you like a message from God Brothers and sisters Something's got to give
We did everything we could To slow this world down Now my love is in the ground Shoulder to shoulder Eye to eye Wish this were farewell But I’m afraid it’s goodbye Sometimes I wish Sometimes I fall in the well A lock in a safe in a cage in a cell We can wait out the storm Or we can stand in the rain Gonna have to mourn Or hide from some pain And if one night The whole world saw the light The unknown made itself clear A familiar sound Heard from all around Telling us there’s nothing to fear It weighs heavy on my mind So heavy on my mind
Sometime 02:39
Everybody’s gonna have to Give sometime Change sometime Need sometime Cry sometime Pray sometime
It was all at once I missed everything I’d ever lost Started over so many times Now I am paying the cost Seems like so long ago When we had nothing to lose Now all we are Is the living ghosts of our youth Something so deep inside It just won’t leave you alone In a world that’s so lost and so dark and so afraid it cuts you to the bone I never needed anyone like I need you
Stronger 03:14
Samson tore the building down Moses climbed to higher ground And when it comes to me and you There’s nothing I wouldn’t do Don’t need a house on the hill Don’t need my face on a dollar bill Just need to be clear So everyone can hear The Good Lord giveth the Good Lord taketh away Seems unfair but not for me to say Only so many dues I can pay Nothing in the world is stronger Than my love for you
Chance On Me 03:30
I don’t need a sky full of stars I just need one You say that love is not in your cards There’s only so far you can run If you do or if you don’t Both are a risk If you will or if you won’t We can’t go on like this Wandering wondering Lightning and thundering Longing and hungering Love gives us no warning I don’t need a symphony I just need one violin I know where we can go I don’t care where we’ve been Take a chance on me
Airport tears Miss you dears Late night calls longing Pressing play on Marvin Gaye Trying to write the wronging Softly reaching over For your touch upon my sleeve It’s always hard to leave Just got in how’ve you been You haven’t aged a day Look at us now remember when we’ve come a long way We tell ourselves stories Only we would believe It’s always hard to leave I blame myself To avoid taking the blame If I didn’t go I may never know that would be such a shame Grab hold of the days Before the days grab hold of you Give it an extra minute Maybe even a few I’m passing through town Like a warm summer breeze It’s always hard to leave
Been holding on Too long to let go Running too hard To slow down Believing too deep To not have faith I’ve got one more change to make I’ve worried so long I’m not worried now this heavy load Help me set it down Some things take a lifetime Some things can’t wait I’ve got one more Change to make One more chain to break One more day to wait/wake One more step to take One more change to make


released May 24, 2019

Produced By:
Ben Harper

Vocals – Mavis Staples
Guitar-Rick Holmstrom
Bass-Jeff Turmes
Drums-Stephen Hodges
Vocals-Donny Gerrard

Backing Vocals
C. C. White
Laura Mace

Co-Produced by
Mavis Staples
Rick Holmstrom
Jeff Turmes
Stephen Hodges
Donny Gerrard
Ethan Allen

All songs written by Ben Harper except Anytime, lyrics by Ben Harper, music by Ben Harper and Jason Mozersky

Recorded and mixed by Ethan Allen
Assistant engineer-Matt Tuggle

Recorded at Henson studio, Hollywood CA.

Mixed at Royal Triton Studio
All compositions (c) 2019 Ben Harper Publishing (ASCAP)

I would like to dedicate this album to my dear sister, Yvonne Staples.

I would like to thank Ben Harper for all his hard work, guidance, creativity, inspiration and overall positivity that he brought to the recording process. Ben, you are a genius and I couldn’t have made this record without you. I love you Baby Bruh.

I would also like to thank Andy Kaulkin for believing in me for all these years.

I’d like to thank the very talented musicians who played on the record - Rick Holmstrom, Jeff Turmes, Stephen Hodges and Donny Gerrard – and a big thanks to Ethan Allen for being the glue in the studio that held it all together.

Thank you to everyone at Henson Studios for all of your compassion and love.

I’d also like to thank my management team Dave Bartlett, Matt Cornell, Adam "Speedy" Ayers, Ron Laffitte, Chris Nary, Megan Healy, Melissa Mondello and everyone at Patriot Management; Andrea "Sexy Mae" Bartlett, Beth Anne, Susannah, Cade and Dever Cornell; Michael Morris, Ron Kaplan and everyone at Paradigm, Matt McGreevey, Hope Selevan, Krystal Robbins, Kelly Kettering, Trevor Hernandez and everyone at Anti Records, Dino Gankendorff and Christophe Szapary at Provosty Gankendorff, Bill Wiess; big love to my favorite brother Pervis Staples, Elmyra Doss, Savoya Campbell, Dr Dionne Blackman, Gwendolyn Staples, Perleta Staples Sanders, Pervis Roe Staples, Paris Staples Smith and Reverly Staples.


all rights reserved



Mavis Staples Chicago, Illinois

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